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As a first-time buyer of coop apartment, my wife and I have received hand-holds from initial search, to negotiation with seller, to mortgage application, to board interview and final closing. Mindy has helped us each step of the way using her multi-disciplinary expertise and excellent skill in service, design and real estate sales. So, my recommendation is: do your homework and have Mindy on your side!
JD [Buying Side]

We met Mindy at an open house (she was the selling agent). She took the time to talk with us about the market, the town in general, co-op's, our needs/wants and qualifications, etc. After seeing her at a couple of various open houses, she called us one morning and told us of an apartment that we should see (which we ultimately purchased). Mindy is someone who is a true matchmaker, she keeps her clients as well as buyers/sellers in mind and makes matches accordingly. There is a reason why she is so successful in what she does! We highly recommend her to any buyer or seller, particularly in this market and town.
A + L [Buying Side]

Mindy helped my mother in-law to find a nice coop in Great Neck. When we met Mindy at the first time, she was showing one of her listings. She is very knowledgeable and responsive. After the first bid fell apart, she immediately introduced another coop to us. She even recommended us a real estate attorney who is very experienced and dedicated. Under their guidance, the buying process was very quick and smooth. Thanks to Mindy, my mother in-law finally settle down for her retirement life in Great Neck.
Freemann [Buying Side]

Mindy went above and beyond to make the experience of buying the co-op of our dreams possible. She answered questions quickly, recommended a great mortgage company to us, and make sure to stay on top of any unexpected problems that came up (there are many surprises when you are buying a co-op!).? When it came time to apply to the co-op board, she meticulously helped us put together our application, and then thoroughly prepared us for our board interview. Mindy knows exactly what it takes to get through the often grueling process, and will make sure you are successful. She also knows Great Neck inside and out. You are in good hands with Mindy.
Wendy Wisner [Buying Side]

Yes, we did it!!! Thanks so much for Mindy's help. This is definitely a life changer for us with the apartment successfully unloaded. Mindy, the best realtor in town. Seriously, who else is better than Mindy? Super tough board in our building. Hey, Mindy gets the job done!! Mindy always? answered texts and phone calls quickly, she is dedicated and communicated promptly, she is hard working and did many open houses. It was a difficult sale but she worked with management to get this deal done and kept me posted every step of the way. We appreciate her greatly.
Kenny [Selling Side]

I’m writing as a testimony to the work of Mindy Greenberg, Associate Real Estate Broker with Douglas Elliman. I met Mindy during an Open House in Great Neck. While touring the apartment, she demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the specific listing, as well as the marketplace overall. While I?chose not to pursue that particular listing, I asked that she keep me in mind for other opportunities, whether on the market or not, provided said opportunities met my very specific requirements. I had made similar requests to other agents, but she was the only one to follow up with me following the Open House. Over a period of weeks, she showed me four apartments, any of which could have worked. She ultimately delivered on my request for an off-market opportunity. After working hand-in-hand with me through the entire process, while also providing recommendations and referrals as needed, I am the owner of a very special apartment, which I’m proud to call my own. Mindy’s depth of knowledge, coupled with a strong work ethic, would be an asset to any buyer or seller. Her strategic approach places her in a position to win, and as a result, her clients win too!
Michael Ciotta [Buying Side]

Mindy did the greatest job imaginable for my family. She found us multiple buyers with excellent offers within just two weeks of listing. She then advised re each potential buyer's likelihood to be approved by the board (the buyer we chose based on her advice was approved with no issues). She?also guided us in preparing the property for showing to achieve the maximum offer (and we were very pleased with the actual sale price), and was always instantly available on her cell. Finally, she was very knowledgeable re the market (e.g., what price could we could get) and very patient with all of our questions. I would thus like to provide my highest recommendation to retain Mindy as your real estate agent!
Robert Miller [Selling Side]

Mindy sold our co-op within 2 weeks of enlisting her services. She was always responsive and quick to answer any questions or concerns we had along the way.
Acivitano9 [Selling Side]

Our family was faced with the task of selling a co-op apartment as part of an estate sale. Although the unit was one of the largest in Great Neck and in a very desirable building, it required substantial renovations and modernization therefore proved to be a difficult sell. After several market?price adjustments, we were able to close the deal within ten months of listing with Mindy Greenberg. She diligently held open houses every single weekend, was immediately responsive to all of our calls, e-mails, and texts, kept us apprised every contact and offer, vetted all of the interested people, assisted the ultimate buyers through the harrowing process of Co-op Board application and approval, and attended a very extended closing. She was an important part of this process, and we are appreciative of her dedication to her clients.
Lisa MP ESQ [Se;lling Side]

Mindy is very knowledgeable and always responds quickly to an inquiry. She is a very dedicated real estate agent. She put her best into helping us sell our apartment.
Lisa [Selling Side]

Mindy is hands down the only broker to contact in the area. Her knowledge and expertise of the locations, pricing and comps made the searching/buying process smooth and pleasant. She helped my family shop for many months with patience and responsiveness which is what we needed to make our decision. As Mindy sent us more listings in the market we were given clear information of the pros and cons of each location before spending time to go a look at them in person which saved us a lot of time and effort.

After a few listings she made clear notes of our wants, needs and deal breakers and then she found it! She found the one!!! The perfect match came up and Mindy knew it would be perfect for my mother. She showed us the listing and walked us thru every step of the purchasing process. Given her knowledge of the area, she suggested our best option for an offer to make sure we got the listing without negotiations. Mindy made sure the process went without any hitches because she had sold in that building before. Her experience rang true during the board approval process and she even referred us to the lawyer who had done work with the management team which made the entire process as simple as can be.

If you’re looking for a true professional with deep rooted knowledge and expertise, Mindy is the only person you should contact.

A + SL [Buying Side]

Mindy Greenberg, what can I tell you about her? She’s a doll. I recently bought my dream apartment from her. I went to see one open house and met her there. I hated the apartment she showed me. She wasn’t pushy at all. She mentioned that she had another apartment that might interest me. (Again, not pushy at all.) I figured, what do I have to lose? Let me look at it. As soon as I walked into the second apartment, I knew it was perfect for me.

Now is when Mindy went to work. She walked me through all the necessary steps. She was professional, knowledgeable, prompt, and even has a sense of humor. Before you knew it, after following her advice, the apartment of my dreams was mine.

I recently bumped into her as she was showing another apartment in my building. Again, she was friendly and took time out to ask me how things were going. Just because the deal was done, I was still important to her.

I highly recommend her as a realtor. Good Luck!

LZ [Buying Side]

I just wanted to take a moment and write a recommendation for Mindy Greenberg.

Mindy did an outstanding job in helping me to sell my co-op. In my opinion, she is THE co-op broker for Great Neck!

From the very start, she helped me in staging the apartment properly... advised me to move this piece of furniture there, move that there... change that picture out..etc… All of these are little things - but I truly believe they made the difference

I found Mindy to be extremely accessible, and personally interested in doing everything we could to not only facilitate the sale, but to get the best price possible. She quarterbacked open-houses, spent lots of time with the potential buyers, and truly held my hand throughout the transaction.

She found me a GREAT buyer, got me a great price, really smoothed the transaction, and was amazing all around!

If you're considering looking for an apartment in Great Neck. MINDY GREENBERG IS THE ONE TO CALL!

SM [Selling Side]

I highly recommend Mindy Greenberg. Mindy did a phenomenal job in managing the sale of my mother’s co-op last year. Mom was no longer able to live alone, and had moved with me to another state. As her caretaker, I was concerned about the amount of time I would be able to spend during the sales process. When I met with Mindy, she put my mind at ease right away, understanding the situation and going above and beyond to ensure that we could begin showing the apartment immediately. She did a great job preparing the apartment for prospective buyers, and then held numerous open houses which elicited several offers. She was exceptionally knowledgeable about what’s involved in selling a co-op, and provided her counsel and perspective to me every step of the way. She was always available by email or phone to answer questions and kept me regularly apprised of what she was doing and how things were going. Mindy worked tremendously hard, and I knew we were in good hands with someone who had our best interests at heart. She also recommended an excellent real estate attorney and even arranged for a reliable firm to handle the removal of remaining furniture from the apartment prior to closing, relieving me of having to take care of that final step. Everything went smoothly and I was appreciative of her expertise throughout the relationship. Mindy represents the best in her profession.

Alyson Daniels [Selling Side]

My experience with Mindy Greenberg was favorable from the start. I found her to be the consummate professional and knowledgeable about the market. She was ALWAYS available to respond to any questions. In addition, I was most appreciative of was her help in dealing with things from my home in Florida. She also, got me a buyer for my bedroom set and other items, and guided me with what to do with other household things when the charity that was scheduled to pick things up fell through. I offer my highest, unqualified recommendation to her.

Elena Halady [Selling Side)

I want to thank you for making the sale of our apartment so easy! Your efficiency and responsiveness is very much appreciated! We highly recommend your services to all in our area who are looking to buy or sell a property!

JR [Selling Side]

Mindy Greenberg is the best realtor in Great Neck. I asked her to find me a different co-op apartment, because I needed a change. Not only did she find me a gem of a place to buy, but also sold my previous place in record time.

Mindy listened and remembered my criteria. No wasted time. She also spoke with my financial advisors to make sure to structure the deal appropriately. Both transactions went extremely smoothly. I was able to move into my new place and out of my old place the same week.

The buyer for my apartment was educated and prepped on the entire co-op procedure, as she was a first- Mindy Greenberg is the best realtor in Great Neck. I asked her to find me a different co-op apartment, because I needed a change. Not only did she find me a gem of a place to buy, but also sold my previous place in record time. Mindy listened and remembered my criteria. No wasted time. She also spoke with my financial advisors to make sure to structure the deal appropriately. Both transactions went extremely smoothly. I was able to move into my new place and out of my old place the same week. The buyer for my apartment was educated and prepped on the entire co-op procedure, as she was a first-time home buyer. Mindy also helped me to navigate the tricky co-op application and board process, since it has been years since I've purchased a home. Mindy Greenberg was an expert in all aspects of these transactions and was highly professional throughout.

Dealing with her was a extreme pleasure. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable real estate professional. No wonder she is so respected in this community. Thanks for everything. I truly appreciate your efforts.

Sincerely, David Emanuel/EES Music and Entertainment (Selling + Buying Sides)

Mindy Greenberg sold our Co-Op in Great Neck. My fiancé and I had an unexpected opportunity to buy a home, but we needed to quickly find a buyer for our Co-Op. Mindy was impressively responsive to our initial inquiry and immediately had the wheels in motion to have the property listed. Thanks to Mindy, less than a month later, we had our buyer! From there, Mindy's extensive knowledge of the board approval process carried us through from the offer to closing. Mindy was available for us with solutions every step of the way. Even our buyer's agent was truly impressed with Mindy's speed, knowledge and expertise. We have and would recommend Mindy to anyone in the Great Neck area seeking an agent.

April Kaminsky [Selling Side]

Mindy was the listing broker on a Co-op that I purchased for my parents. Mindy was extremely well educated in anything you needed to know about Great Neck and the entire purchasing process. She helped me navigate through the very overwhelming Co-op package. She was amazing! I would highly recommend her!

DZ [Buying Side]

"Thank you, Mindy for your superb service during our purchase process. You really helped us to navigate through the board interview and building management paperwork with all your tips and reminders. It was a lot of work, but you were there to answer any questions we had with promptness and ease. Thank you also for taking the time to let us in to see the apartment multiple times with our contractors and family before our closing. It was greatly appreciated. We look forward to finally being neighbors in the same town."

Yvonne + Jason Fein [Buying Side]


We were in the process of trying to sell a co-op that had beenowned by a recently deceased 92 yr. old friend of ours. We had been told thatto enhance the attractiveness of the co-op, we needed to invest in somerefurbishments like a paint job, taking up the wall-to-wall carpeting, andrefinishing the wooden floors.


Mindy told us that none of this would be required.She actually found a buyer who agreed to pay nearly twice the pricecited as the co-op's value. Not only was it an amazing sale (in cash), but shefound the buyer within just one week.


She also took care of mailing numerous memorabilia to the woman'sfamily members, some of whom are located in Italy...at no charge to us.


Mindy is extremely personable, insightful, talented and thorough


So, we highly recommend that you call on Mindy if you're lookingto sell or buy a residence in the Great Neck area.  We dare say that ifyou do, you will undoubtedly be the next person to sing her praises.


Merrily and Barbara [Selling Side]

"Mindy is exceptional in many ways. She is above and beyond as a real estate agent. She catches what her clients want quickly and accurately and guides to the right direction. Her dedication to her work and clients is amazing. She is an excellent communicator and always available. I will give her five stars without hesitation." Dr.S

Dr S [Selling Side]

"We were lucky to meet Mindy. She is very professional and helpful. She did a lot work to make sure everything was going well. This is our first time to buy a co-op. She gave us a lot professional suggestion and always made sure that we prepared all necessary documents on time." YawenXu

Buyer [Listing + Selling Side]

Mindy is an excellent real estate agent. My boyfriend (now fiancé) and I were searching for Great Neck area properties and we are so happy to have her services available. She gets to know you personally to have a sense of what properties are best. This saved us a lot of time. At each property showing, she shares her expertise in interior design, giving us a vision of how we can bring more value to the place. It was our first time as buyers and the whole process was made much easier with her helping every step of the way. We absolutely love our new home and feel blessed every day. Keep up the good work Mindy!!

AT + BS [Buying Side]

My husband and I were looking for a coop in Great Neck for my mother-in-law. I called Mindy one Friday night and she automatically knew what we were looking for from a quick phone conversation. After that night’s call, I could immediately tell she was dedicated and knowledgeable and we looked no further. Mindy was extremely helpful throughout the purchase process. She has extensive knowledge about the area as well the coop purchase process. She went above and beyond her responsibilities to help us prepare for the coop board interview. Mindy amazed me with her energy and her ability to keep up with such busy schedule and still be very responsive to every text, email and phone calls immediately. We would highly recommend Mindy to anyone looking to purchase an apartment in Great Neck. She will help you find your next home!

LO [Buying Side]

I met Mindy when I was searching for a large co-op in Great Neck to move my family of 5. Mindy was able to show me how to make this 2 bedroom apt a 3 bedroom. She is a wonderful person who was always available for all my questions and pointed me in the right direction to make this a smooth process. Mindy, also recommended a reliable and competent attorney who worked with the coop building which made everything easier. It was a great experience working with her and we look forward to many happy years in our new home. Thanks Mindy!

JPO [Buying Side]

My brothers and I worked with Mindy Greenberg to sell my mother’s co-op in Great Neck as part of an estate. We considered several brokers but eventually selected Mindy based on her in-depth knowledge of the Great Neck real estate market. My brothers and I are from out of town, and heavily relied upon Mindy to assist us in selecting contractors, working with the contractors to refurbish the apartment, and then selling the apartment at a favorable price. This was a stressful process for us, and Mindy was responsive, knowledgeable and helpful every step of the way. We would wholeheartedly recommend Mindy to others who are looking to list and sell their properties in Great Neck!

The Fox Family [Selling Side]


BILL FRITSCH [Selling Side]

Mindy's knowledge of the Great Neck real estate market is unmatched! She made the sale of our coop a seamless process because of her leading knowledge of the market, expertise in handling open houses/negotiating, and high energy. So happy we used Mindy!

S + MZ [Selling Side]

My girlfriend and I were looking for coops in Great Neck. We met Mindy at one of the open houses and can immediately tell she is dedicated and knowledgeable. Mindy knows the area well. We were first-time home buyers and had a lot of questions regarding the buying process. Immediately after the offer was accepted, she spoke to us, and set our expectation upfront. She was very responsive to emails and phone calls and answered all of our questions. She took the time to review the board package together with us in person, and also coached us how to prepare for the board interview. Overall, with Mindy’s help, the buying process was seamless for us. we would highly recommend Mindy to you if you are looking for an apartment in Great Neck

Kenneth Feng [Buyers Side]

I’d like to thank Mindy for her help in selling my late father’s co-op in the 180 South Middle Neck Road building. She was truly amazing to work with as I live out of state and she took care of the whole transaction for my family. Mindy found the perfect owner for my parents' home. From what we were told, the new owner “flew” through the board interview as he is a perfect fit for the building. I’m so thankful that she was able to match us up. I also appreciate the fact that Mindy was easy to reach and communicated with us in a timely manner. For future clients of Mindy - her expertise, loyalty, skill, honesty and assistance were greatly appreciated and I know you will be happy, too.

J Fineman [Selling Side]

I felt that Mindy was a qualified and very knowledgeable real estate agent. She was there for me every step of the way and easy to contact for any questions or concerns I had. She is well known in the Great Neck area and she has a very good reputation. She qualifies buyers before you present them to the board in a co-op which is very helpful. I would definitely recommend her to sell your property.

D Kaplan [Selling Side]

The first day I went out with Mindy, I found my perfect new home. Mindy not only has great knowledge about the market, but also she's a great decorator. She helped me visualize where I could place furniture, and more. I highly recommend Mindy....she is a fabulous realtor!

N Nahmias [Buying Side]

While I don't normally write recommendations, I felt compelled due to the outstanding level of service and attention provided by Mindy Greenberg, in the sale of our property (a co-op). We originally met Mindy in the summer of 2015, shortly after we put our co-op on the market with another agent from a different agency. Over the course of the next 6 months, we connected with Mindy on several occasions as she had shown our apartment to several potential buyers in the area, and we had her asked for feedback. Our own agent was not nearly as forthcoming as Mindy, and for surely didn't have the same level of listening. Mindy listened to our concerns and was very in-tuned with the community in which we lived. After working 6 months with an agent who produced little results, we hired Mindy. During our initial meeting, she coached us on small (organizational) things that could be done inside of the apartment to make it more attractive to a buyer. Within 2 weeks of hiring her, she scheduled an open house and found a buyer within 3 weeks. She worked with the buyer closely in ensuring that he moved quickly through the buying process, from contract to co-op application to closing. And she kept us informed. We truly felt as though she had our best interest in mind and trusted that if she lacked any confidence in our buyer, would let us know. Mindy also spent a great deal of time working with the buyer to make sure he looked attractive to the co-op board when they met with him. And they basically approved him on the spot. Because of Mindy's dedication, attentiveness, level of listening and commitment, our family can move into our new home. We are truly very grateful for Mindy and the level of service she provided us.

K Rushforth [Selling Side]

I have no hesitation in recommending Mindy Greenberg to anyone in need of a real estate broker. Mindy is professional, knowledgeable, aggressive for the benefit of her clients, and pleasant to work with. Mindy knows the area very well and was able to offer insights in our search for a co-op apartment. She listened to my wife and I, understood our wants, and was very industrious in finding potential candidates. Mindy was very helpful in navigating the board approval process. We are very happy in our new apartment, and we thank Mindy for all her efforts.

M Liebowitz [Buying Side]

"Mindy was great and very helpful to us as first time home buyers. She was insightful and provided us with a wealth of information that made the process transparent and simple. She was immediately responsive to all of our questions and was very pleasant to work with. We would definitely work with Mindy again and recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell."

N + BB [Buying Side]

"Mindy did an amazing job selling my Coop in Great Neck. She was extremely dedicated to finding the best buyer and assisted with the entire process from start to finish. She is dedicated to assuring the transaction runs as smoothly as possible. Mindy is very responsive and keeps her clients in the loop throughout the entire process. She gets the job done and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in buying or selling a property"

Sam G [Selling Side]

My husband and I decided to sell our house and purchase a co-op; we wanted to simplify our responsibilities but not go back to renting. After exhausting many neighborhoods in Queens, we looked into Great Neck Plaza. What a charming town! We met with Mindy after viewing a property she had listed, and she walked us through the entire co-op process from start to finish. Before we knew if we were going to put in an offer, she printed up loads of information to help us along with the decision process.

She was quick to respond to emails and calls, efficient in being a liaison between us and the sellers, and took time to review our board package, offering insight and suggestions that would ease the board approval process. I always knew that if I sent off an email to her, she'd get a response back to me really quickly! She knows so much about Great Neck Plaza and all the apartment buildings since she's from the area, so to work with her is to work with a true local expert. She was an absolute pleasure to work with!

Kristin [Buying Side]

Mindy did an amazing job for me as I nervously listed my home. She set me at ease and was supportive every step of the way. I felt very comfortable as she's so familiar with the area, and has no hesitation reaching out to others and so well regarded! My settlement was smooth as silk and the new owner so delighted with her new home. This can be such a stressful period, and yes it was stressful, but very exciting and new I was in an expert's hands.

Susan Cohen [Selling Side}

I moved to Great Neck 4 years ago and found a great apartment in Westminster Hall aka 4 Maple Drive. I spent many happy years there and met some great people. When the time came to move to Florida I didn’t have to look far. I found my agent on the 5th floor. Mindy Greenberg of Douglas Elliman had acquired a wonderful word-of-mouth reputation since she started in the real estate business and her name came up to me day after day. How could I go wrong? Needless to say, she did an amazing job for me and I got my full price in less than 2 months. Mindy was personally involved in staging, photographing, marketing, and kept in constant communication. I had the most stressless experience during a stressful time. I would and have recommended her to other sellers and they all had similar experiences.

Helen Namm [Selling Side]

"I’ve meet Mindy (as the sellers' agent) a few times at various properties, that I had expressed interest in my agent. Finally deciding on a property that I wanted to buy, Mindy happened to be the seller’s agent for that property. Despite not representing my interests in the property, Mindy went above and beyond in her efforts on my behalf as well. She went through the process with both her Seller and myself to ensure a smooth transaction, even going so far as to review and correct any mistakes in my co-op approval forms. Was happy and appreciative of the extra help in purchasing my property."

NOD [Buying Side}

Mindy is a tireless. Focused, knowledgeable agent, who will always be straight forward about the given of any situation you might encounter along the way to selling your home. The agent from another company that we started with gave us an unrealistic quote for a starting price and when we got a good offer, did not encourage us to take it. I would recommend Mindy without reservation.

Beatrice Barer [Selling Side]

For one year we had our apartment listed with a well known realty company in Great Neck. We did not get one offer for our lovely two bedroom two bathroom apartment that entire year. In June we switched to Mindy Greenberg at Douglas Elliman. Best decision we ever made! In a matter of two months we had three offers and sold our apartment a month later. What the other realty couldn’t do in one year, Mindy did in three months. She’s a dynamo!!!

Fern Weiss [Selling Side]

It's time to thank you for all your help, extreme knowledge of the real estate market, and suggestion to take the outdoor parking space. You were always there when I needed you, and that's the most important thing when you're buying or selling a home. Thanks again Mindy.

CG [Buying Side]

As a first time home-buyer, I was very lucky to have Mindy as my realtor. She was knowledgeable, provided exceptional service throughout the process, and was available whenever I needed her, whether it was by text, email, or phone. Having an agent regularly in touch and helpful at every step of the way is saying a lot when it comes to purchasing a co-op. Thank you Mindy!

S Neill [Buying Side]

As a first time home buyer Mindy took the time to guide me through the process of purchasing a beautiful co-op. I was looking at quite a few properties in the Great Neck area and Mindy found the perfect move in ready home that was close to the train station. Mindy's coaching, experience, and expertise as well as always being available for a showing or a quick meeting really helped make the home buying process easy. If you want an agent that will work tirelessly for you look no further.

CSH [Buying Side]

I had the pleasure of getting to know Mindy Greenberg last year when my daughter was attempting to sell her co-op in Great Neck. Initially my daughter used another broker for about 6 months before meeting Mindy and was unsuccessful in selling due to some issues with her property. After her contract expired with the other broker she turned to Mindy to help. Mindy used her "magic" and the co-op sold within a couple of weeks! Of course when the time came for me to sell my place I immediately contacted Mindy to do the job. Again, with her "magic" and knowledge and professionalism my property was in contract after being on the market less than a month. Needless to say, I would not hesitate recommending Mindy Greenberg for all you real estate needs.

Ronnie Drucker [Selling Side]

I met Mindy at very beginning of my buying process, after shopping around almost 8 months I decided chose Mindy to be our agent. I would say she is one of the best agents in Great Neck because she is extremely knowledgeable and helpful about the neighborhood and schools. She helps us envision our family in every home and guides us walk through every single step of buying process. As a first time buyer I really appreciate her strong work ethic and great service. I highly suggest to choose Mindy be your partner in purchasing and selling a home.
Thank you,
A Chen [Buying Side]

Mindy is a very experienced agent. Mindy is great to work with and is responsive to emails. She was very patient with us and showed us around several properties until we found the one that met our needs. She made the process of leasing the property seamless. I would highly recommend Mindy.

Quang Tran
MaidPro [Lessee Side]

After spending many years in Great Neck, we decided to sell our co-op and move. We needed an agent who knew the property well, the neighborhood and knew how to best market our unit. Mindy met all these requirements and more. She understood and appreciated the many amazing upgrades and renovations we did to our unit and found us appropriate buyers who did as well. Mindy helped us to sell our unit in a timely, seamless fashion and made the process as easy as possible. She was available anytime to answer our questions through the process, from beginning to end. We would not hesitate to recommend Mindy.

R + SU [Selling Side]

"Just over two years ago, I was looking for a realtor in Great Neck, and saw Mindy Greenbergs' bio online and thought she would guide me well. Shortly after meeting me she understood, in some ways better than I did, exactly what I needed for my own next step. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and always available for questions and advice. Mindy is extremely hardworking and brutally honest, two qualities I appreciate, and not easy to find in a realtor. And equally important, she always made me feel comfortable. I now consider Mindy a friend. With Mindy's help, I purchased a beautiful co-op apartment in Great Neck, and I've been 100% happy with it. Now 2+ years later, when I decided to relocate, Mindy was the only realtor I considered to call for help. And once again, I'm so glad I did. She helped me sell my co-op. She gave me advice every step of the way. And let me tell you, she came through! She marketed my residence perfectly, found a wonderful buyer, and got me my asking price! There couldn't have been a better outcome! Without hesitation, I would recommend Mindy's professional guidance for the purchase or sale of your home! Mindy, from the bottom of my heart, again I thank you so much!”

Bob [Seller + Buyer]

Last August my wife, Lenore and I were considering selling our home in Bayside, NY and “down-sizing” to a co-op in Great Neck. Our intention was to look this year and buy next year. That is … until we met Mindy Greenberg from Douglas-Elliman. Right from the start, Mindy made us feel comfortable sharing her expertise in real estate and giving us insight to the many advantages Great Neck offered for two retired Seniors. It didn’t take long for Mindy to recognize that we loved older, historic buildings - and show us the apartment we ultimately purchased. Throughout the process of selling our home and the purchase of the co-op, Mindy was there – offering timely advice for both transactions. From helping us select the right real estate lawyer to offering advice on our first venture into co-op living, Mindy was there to answer all of our many questions and concerns.

Thanks for all your help Mindy.

B+LS [Selling Side + Buying Side]

I met Mindy when I was only just beginning to look at apartments. I spent a weekend visiting various open houses, but nothing had really grabbed my attention. The last open house I visited happened to be one that Mindy was hosting. Yet again, the apartment wasn't quite right for me, so I thanked Mindy and explained that it was not really what I was looking for. After a few questions, Mindy said she knew of another apartment nearby which might be a good fit for me. That same evening, we drove to take a look and I immediately loved the place! I ended up buying the apartment and I have no regrets! Mindy is definitely a hard worker and very dedicated to her job. She is willing to go the extra mile to match people with the right home.
PG [Buying Side]

To whom it may concern, 
I am extremely thankful to have had Mindy Greenberg as my realtor in my co-op search in the downtown Great Neck area. Mindy was with me every step of the way throughout the process. She was always within reach via telephone and easily available to show me units, even with my crazy work schedule. Mindy is exceptionally dedicated to her work. She offered excellent advice to a person like me who is new to the co-op market. Her knowledge of the Great Neck real estate market and especially the nuances of dealing with the co-op boards in seeking approval was top notch. She offered excellent referrals to real estate attorneys in the area as well as mortgage banking referrals. Mindy also is excellent at interior designing as she provides awesome input and vision on how to properly layout either a totally empty apartment or one that was cluttered with poorly laid out furniture, etc. I would highly recommend her services for your next real estate search or sale. 
 Thank you, 

“After being unable to sell our co-op for over 6 months, we were contacted by Mindy. We were so impressed by her knowledge of real estate inGreat Neck, specifically in co-ops. Mindy's passion and dedication was evident from the moment we met her. She gave us some great interior design tips to make the apartment more appealing to buyers and hosted multiple open houses until her job was done. Without her expertise and advice throughout the process, we wouldn't have successfully sold our co-op just in time for the arrival of our little girl!” 

Hi Mindy:

You did it, and it is an AWESOME job!!! A friend of mine is an agent butafter months of trying, she couldn't sell my co-op.  Another friend of minerecommended that I hire Mindy Greenberg at Douglas Elliman to get the jobdone.  Mindy, she is very knowledgeable on selling houses and co-ops.  Mindyworked very hard to show the apartment days, nights and weekends. She hadlots of open houses. She always let me know to expect her as she was the only onewith my key.  It is not an easy process but Mindy understood the sequence ofevents and walked me thru all the steps. She is really a wonderful real estate agent, you should hire her if you want to sell your house or apartment.

Really, If you need to sell your home, you owe it to yourself to give Mindy a call.  You won't be disappointed!!!

Thank you again, Mindy
LC [Selling Side]


I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding service in selling my daughter's co-op.  Your knowledge and experience made this transaction not only go smoothly but quickly. I'm sure the reason for this quick sale is your selling ability and knowledgeof the processes involved in presenting and showing this property. Thank you again. It was a pleasure working withyou.

Peter Petrowski [Selling Side]

Hi Mindy

Thanks so much for all your hard work and getting us the exposure we needed to sell the apt so quickly. The price was great and I'm very thankful to not have to worry about selling the place for months on end.  It was a pleasure working with you, and thank you again!


Janine  [Selling Side]

It is so important to find an extremely competent real estate agent when one is buying or selling property. I was so fortunate to work with Mindy Greenberg as I was doing both. After more than 50 years of living in my house in Great Neck I was ready to downsize, sell my house and buy an apartment in this wonderful town. Mindy showed me apartments that she knew met my requirements and added important information on the virtues of each building as well...she was so knowledgeable about all the available properties.

When I decided on an apartment, she listed my house for sale. She arranged for beautiful photos of the house for brochures for potential buyers and for online listings. She set up a schedule of open houses and escorted each person through the house pointing out all the best selling features. When I accepted an offer, Mindy was there for me until the closing date. She worked with the attorneys for both parties to insure a smooth sale and was available day and night on the phone to answer and discuss any thoughts or questions I had about the process. I could not have worked with a more understanding and professional agent than Mindy Greenberg. Thank you, Mindy, for all your expert help.

GM [Listing Side]

Mindy was the best real estate agent that I have ever worked with in my recent apartment purchase.
She is professional, knowledgeable, funny at times and found the apartment that met all my needs. She can provide you with an objective view, point out both pros and cons, which I don't see in dealing with other real estate agents.

I felt connected to her immediately from beginning of search to the end of closing process. She demonstrated her great knowledge of the local neighborhood by spending time showing me and my mom around town; the trips include nearby public transportation options, point out great school district and local shopping with convenience of delivery option as well as, usage of swimming pool and free parking once I become a local residence. For someone like me who is a busy mom and as working professional, she was able to complete and meet all my requests within three short weeks. Mindy is trustworthy, someone who will go extra miles to get the job done, within short amount of time, as she understands and respects one's precious time.

Her excellent and unique experience in approaching customer's need, no matter how challenging the cafeteria and/or how long your "must have" listing is, she will bend over backwards by working overtime just to find the perfect place that will meet all your needs. In addition, her extensive real estate experience in dealing with other agents in various market conditions put her on top of the list which allows smooth transition from beginning to end. She is someone you can count on to get what you want & need, and not something you don't need just because she wanted the commission. I highly recommend Mindy for both buying or selling of any type of real estate.


Last week I finally closed on the purchase of my Great Neck apartment. I was fortunate indeed to have had the services and assistance of your salesperson, Mindy Greenberg. She put me at ease throughout the entire process, guiding, supporting and advising me every step of the way, from finding a suitable apartment in the right location to the walk through and the signing on the dotted line at the closing. Mindy went out of her way to help in every way possible. During delays in the bureaucratic process she would check in with me and advise how to speed things along. She left nothing to chance. She shared in the joy of securing my new home and I know that she will always be available if I need further advice about the apartment. She treated me not just as a client but as a potential neighbor and friend in my new neighborhood. My sister, who had recently purchased an apartment in Great Neck had recommended Mindy to me, and boy, was she right. Mindy loves her work, to which she brings her great sales and interpersonal skills, and I am sure that she treats every client as well as she treated me.

GG [Buyer]

I am a contractor and a home builder and have had contact with multiple RE agents and brokers, most of which was underwhelming. I knew Mindy was an exception from the first meeting. She researched the comps and helped me establish a selling price. She took multiple photos and a video of the apartment. The next day these images and video were on multiple websites and the apartment was appearing to be quite desirable. We found a buyer within a few months and Mindy expedited the transaction, working with the buyer, both attorneys and the management company. She is refreshingly honest, capable and efficient. The entire process was seamless.

KM [Seller]

Hi Mindy,

Thank you so much for all of your help!

I would like to share a few thoughts about our experience for potential clients/customer who may be considering their real estate agent options as they make the very important decision to list their home. It goes without saying that it is a big decision- in some ways bigger than you realize at the start – and it is extremely important to have the right fit between your family, your home and your agent.

So, once you have made that decision to list and sell what will likely be one of your largest assets, you are looking not only for expertise, but really for a good match. And, after interviewing a number of very qualified and highly recommended realtors in the Great Neck area we chose to work with Mindy Greenberg of the Douglas Elliman Group. We selected our agent, not be the listing price suggested by the realtor, not by the portfolio of prior listings, not by the success rates and not by the glossy brochures or photos although all of these are important- and each agent has a variety to show you. We selected Mindy Greenberg by how we felt when we were speaking with her. She clearly demonstrated not only the expertise one would expect, but with seemingly boundless energy, and creative ideas, she took the time to really understand our home, our needs, and our at times complicated, inflexible schedules. And as a result, Mindy Greenberg successfully got us on the market and closed in a remarkable 120 days from first email contact (4/28) to closing (8/29). (and it could have been 90 days as the last 30 days or so simply accommodating our schedule!)

Mindy helped us to price the house properly, created a buzz before the first open house and helped various buyers successfully envision themselves in our home. She was tireless with buyers and available to schedule showings as required. She communicated quickly as offers came in, gave us not so subtle hints to move or remove certain furnishing, and truly helped to highlight the strengths of our home and location, while guiding us to make the right decisions while not being overbearing. In short Mindy was in touch but not intrusive, savvy but not slick, and could ‘hear’ our concerns without judging she is in fact the complete package! You would be fortunate if you are able to snag her as your agent!

Tina Walch [Seller]

Hi Mindy,
Congratulations to us all!

This is a note to thank you as I savor the feeling of satisfaction after the successful, smooth closing on the sale of my Co-op. I appreciated your energetic devotion to getting the job done, and in near-record time at that, while at the same time easing the process for me. You were always considerate, helpful, and responsive to my needs. I wish you continued success in your work, and much happiness in your life.

Peg Woerner [Selling Side]

Mindy Greenberg is an extremely talented and results-oriented real estate professional who has genuine patience and deep knowledge about the market, process, and areas that she represents. We worked with her when buying a co-op and found her to be extremely prepared in every aspect. I feel comfortable recommending her when buying or selling a property.
C and A Lee 2016 [Buying Side]

Mindy Greenberg did a fantastic job for us - she sold my father's house, in Great Neck, very quickly, for a great price. She has a great deal of experience, she knows a lot of people, she is an expert at using social media, and she will go out of her way to do the little things: she found us a great real estate attorney, she helped us donate clothes, and she offered the name of someone to run our estate sale if we needed one. We couldn't have been happier.
J Kurtz 2016 [Selling Side]

To those who will be selling or buying real estate, Mindy Greenberg should be your choice. Mindy was my real estate agent who got my co-op in Great Neck sold. She is hard working, smart with a keen eye in the real estate market to what people are looking for. Mindy showed our apartment every weekend at open houses. When buyers could only come in the middle of the week she made time whether early morning or late evening to show it to them. Mindy worked tirelessly to find not only a buyer, but the right buyer for us that could easily pass the board requirements for our sale. We thank Mindy and believe in her, so please if you want a tireless idea driven real estate agent Mindy should be your choice.
John & Joanne Poitras 2016 [Selling + Buying Sides]


I am the managing director of a real estate management firm in Manhattan, currently managing 12,000 units – mostly co-ops and condos. When I decided to downsize my own housing in Great Neck I came to you for help - looking for a suitable apartment and in walking distance to the Great Neck train station. You immediately showed me a great selection of available apartments and assisted as I put in an offer on the one I liked best. You connected me to a local loan officer for the mortgage I wanted and within one month we had closed on the perfect apartment.

It needed to be renovated and I again received great advice from you on local contractors who successfully worked in that building. Within 45 days they were finished and I moved in. It is the perfect apartment for me, financially, in size, features and in it’s ideal location.

I could never have done this without your assistance. I found you to be the consummate professional, smoothing the path to a very quick closing and turn-around alteration in this Great Neck co-op.

I am deeply grateful for what you did, and recommend your services to anyone searching for a new home.

Thank you again.

Robert Grant, Director
Midboro Management, Inc. [Buying Side]

While I don't normally write recommendations, I felt compelled due to the outstanding level of service and attention provided by Mindy Greenberg, in the sale of our property (a co-op). We originally met Mindy in the summer of 2015, shortly after we put our co-op on the market with another agent from a different agency. Over the course of the next 6 months, we connected with Mindy on several occasions as she had shown our apartment to several potential buyers in the area, and we had her asked for feedback. Our own agent was not nearly as forthcoming as Mindy, and for surely didn't have the same level of listening. Mindy listened to our concerns, and was very in-tuned with the community in which we lived. After working 6 months with an agent who produced little results, we hired Mindy. During our initial meeting, she coached us on small (organizational) things that could be done inside of the apartment to make it more attractive to a buyer. Within 2 weeks of hiring her, she scheduled an open house and found a buyer within 3 days. She worked with the buyer closely in ensuring that he moved quickly through the buying process, from contract to co-op application to closing. And she kept us informed. We truly felt as though she had our best interest in mind and trusted that if she lacked any confidence in our buyer, would let us know. Mindy also spent a great deal of time working with the buyer to make sure he looked attractive to the co-op board when they met with him. And they basically approved him on the spot.

Because of Mindy's dedication, attentiveness, level of listening and commitment, our family can move into our new home. We are truly very grateful for Mindy and the level of service she provided us.

KR + AW [Selling + Buying Sides]

We were looking for apartment for 2 years with different real estate brokers. We met Mindy at one of the open houses we went to. Right away I knew she was the one who will find the right apartment for us. She's really exceptional realtor. I never met anybody like Mindy before. She accommodated us with any time. Evenings, weekends, whatever was convent for us. I never heard from her I can't come or can't be done. She's the one who can find an answer to any question. Her presentation and explanation of the whole buying process was greatly appreciated by us. She walked us through from the beginning to the end up to closing. She was coaching and giving guidance every step of the way to make sure we were comfortable and happy.
CB [Buying Side]

I want to start first by saying I am a very picky buyer. Mindy Greenberg was able to understand and work with me to find my dream apartment. Throughout the entire process, Mindy was professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy and a great listener when it came to my wish list. She took my complete lack of real estate knowledge in stride and answered (honestly and candidly). Mindy was always available when I would send her messages.

I was very much taken back to see how well Mindy Greenberg helped me prepare and scheduled appointments throughout the entire process.

Lastly, it was undoubtedly, Mindy Greenberg’s experience, expertise and guidance I found my dream apartment. It is with great pleasure and assurance and confidence I recommend Mindy Greenberg from Douglas Elliman real estate for all your real estate needs.


VB [Buying Side]

My wife and I first met Mindy Greenberg about 2 years ago, when she was showing us an apartment on Middle Neck Rd. We exchanged email addresses and went on our merry way. But the day came when we were desirous of moving. We noticed that she dealt with properties in Great Neck which interested us.

Working with Mindy was a absolute pleasure. She was sensitive to our needs and our budget and only showed us properties that were affordable. We never felt pressured by Mindy and ultimately found a property which we are very pleased with. We found her to be a person of integrity besides being sweet, smart and creative

I would fell very comfortable recommending her to my closest family and friends. She is an asset to her employer and I don't believe we could have navigated thru the co-op process so easily without her expertise.

Very Sincerely,

Reine & Myron Stempa [Buying Side]

There is absolutely no one more experienced in this area and no one who will work harder for you than Mindy Greenberg! She was knowledgeable about the entire process and made it effortless for us. She gave us a lot of attention and catered to our needs when selling our coop. We highly recommend Mindy!

Hae Un Lee [Selling + Buying Sides]

"Settling in my new abode in Boca Raton, Florida. This move was particularly stressful. But selling my Great Neck co-op with such ease gave me the energy and motivation to deal with this event and for that I will be eternally grateful to my broker and now my friend, Mindy Greenberg from Douglas Elliman in Great Neck. From the moment I called Mindy to the moment of closing she simplified the process."
Rita Robbins [Selling Side]

We recently sold a co-op in Great Neck and worked with Mindy Greenberg.
We were living in a 1 bedroom co-op with 2 small children and had to sell as soon as possible. Mindy was very sympathetic to our situation. Her background as a decorator gives her the unique ability to make a space look more appealing to buyers. She came over during her free time to help us organize our furniture, gave suggestions and took photos that made our apartment look very desirable.
Mindy made sure we had at least 1 open house per weekend. Though Mindy has many listing (most that would give her way more profit than our co-op), she always made us feel that selling our place was a top priority.
Mindy went out of her way to find the right person for our apartment. Whenever we were discouraged during the selling process, Mindy reassured us.
Through the entire process, Mindy was extremely responsive and had constant communication with us. Once we had a buyer, she spent many hours with him to make sure he had the appropriate paper work to submit to the co-op board.
While Mindy was always professional she also has a warm way about her. She would always ask how we were doing and knew our children by name. It made us feel that she had our family's best interest in mind.
Mindy used her creativity to market our apartment. For example, she created a "top ten" sign for our window to help potential buyers pinpoint the greatest parts about our co-op. She sent out mailings showing our listing and advertised it in local newspapers.
Mindy has a fantastic reputation in Great Neck. She is very knowledgeable about the community having worked there for many years. She can answer any questions about the town and surrounding areas very easily.
Mindy went above and beyond for us. She is hardworking and trustworthy. It was a pleasure working with Mindy and we highly recommend using her to sell your property.
Eric and Kelly Blanco [Selling Side]

Purchasing a new home can always be a big challenge, starting with finding the ideal new place followed by getting the right mortgage company, the lowest interest rates and proper guidance that can make this transition as smooth as possible.
Ms. Mindy Greenberg who helped me purchase my new home went above and beyond all my expectations to help this happen. This was not my first experience purchasing a new home but by far it was the most pleasant and all that because of Mindy's endless dedication, patience and most professional approach.
Not only did Mindy provide me with a beautifully and most accurate checklist of all things that needed to be taken care of during different stages of securing the loan but also her daily follow-ups, kind emails and reminders were more than any customer can imagine.
I would strongly recommend Mindy Greenberg to any friend who is planning on buying or selling a home. Her positive attitude, attention to details and experience will make this one of the easiest transactions you could expect.
N. Dejkameh [Selling Side]

I have no hesitation in recommending Mindy Greenberg to anyone in need of a real estate broker. Mindy is professional, knowledgeable, aggressive for the benefit of her clients, and pleasant to work with. Mindy knows the area very well and was able to offer insights in our search for a coop apartment. She listened to my wife and I, understood our wants, and was very industrious in finding potential candidates. Mindy was very helpful in navigating the board approval process. We are very happy in our new apartment, and we thank Mindy for all her efforts.
ML [Buying Side]

Mindy was great in facilitating my purchase. I was able to see the potential of the property. She studies the market and knows it well. She has extensive knowledge about all her listed properties. Mindy gave me great advice in assisting me with the board interview and the closing. I will certainly recommend her to friends and business associates.
Andy AcuHerb [Buying Side]

It was a pleasure to work with Mindy during the duration of selling my apartment. She is a very detail-oriented and paid attention to all of the responsibilities necessary to make a sale happen in the most positive way. She thought of everything ahead of time. She was very conscientious and staged the apartment beautifully, quickly and efficiently. I would definitely recommend someone else to use her as a broker to sell his/her apartment. She is a gregarious and friendly person whose enthusiasm also add to her qualities of being a great real estate broker.
TJF [Selling Side]

I now live in an awesome apartment, thanks to Mindy Greenberg, from Douglas Elliman.I was looking for a realtor, saw her bio online and thought she would guide me well. Shortly after meeting me she understood, in some ways better than I did, exactly what I needed for my own next step. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and always available for questions or advice. Mindy is extremely hardworking and brutally honest, two qualities I appreciate, and not easy to find in a realtor. And equally important, she always made me feel comfortable. I now consider Mindy a friend.

Without hesitation, I would recommend Mindy's professional guidance for the purchase or sale of your home.

Mindy, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!
RBD 2015 [Buying Side]

Mindy Greenberg's dedication and efficiency to get our house sold was truly fantastic. As first time sellers, we were very nervous about this process, but Mindy helped us with everything, and went over and above her scope of responsibilities to make sure the open houses went as smoothly, and as unobtrusive as possible considering we had a 4 year old trampling through her staging areas.

Before closing we had to move across country to begin our new jobs, and she managed everything quickly and efficiently. Its not easy to find someone like that these days, we trusted her with our home, our belongings, and hands down I'd recommend her to anyone that is serious about selling their home
HM + JM [Selling + Sides]

"Mindy is my, real estate fairy godmother! She has done an incredible job! In the few seconds she met me, she knew me right away. One apartment she showed me, she told me that it was the apartment for me. And she was absolutely right! This was my first apartment that I have bought and there is no doubt in my mind that I will recommend her to all of my friends and family. If you want to find your dream home in a short amount of time, she is the perfect person to work with. Thank you so much again Mindy for giving me my dream apartment in such an incredible town. I'm excited to start the next chapter in my life."
SF [Buying Side]

Mindy is an incredibly energetic person. She always returned our phone calls, and kept us up to date on every movement that took place. Personally I don't know when she finds the time to relax! It didn't matter what time of the day or day of the week. Mindy was either giving tours of the neighborhood, or showing our home! She is a very kind woman, and it was a pleasure working with her. I would highly recommend Mindy Greenberg to handle any real estate situation whether it be buy, selling or renting. Thanks Mindy for all of your help!
JM [Buying Side]

Mindy is a very professional real estate agent who helped me sell my home. She is very diligent and efficient with her tasks in completing the job. She was extremely responsive to my requests whether if it was a phone call or an email. I would highly recommend Mindy if you need someone to get the job done!
CL [Selling + Buying Sides]

Mindy was excellent in helping us choose a co-op. She has a great knack for understanding your needs, recognizing potential in a distressed property and matching you with the correct fit. She is prompt in answering questions, phone calls and emails. She is easy going and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her without hesitation.
SG and JG [Buying Side]

Mindy was absolutely wonderful in helping me purchase my co-op. She responded very quickly to my emails and phone calls. I scheduled multiple appointments to view the listing and was never denied. She is a fantastic real estate agent.
GF [Buying Side]

Mindy is the most efficient and equipped Real Estate person I have ever dealt with. I will recommend her to everyone that I know that wants to buy or rent. I thank her in helping me achieve my goal in purchasing a beautiful apartment.
MT [Buying Side]

We would definitely recommend Mindy as a real estate agent. We used her as our agent to purchase our first place. Mindy was professional and very responsive at any time of the day and help us a lot thru the process. She was very patient and took her time while we searched for a perfect place, we never felt that we were rushed or otherwise pressured. She always arranged great places for us to see (and we saw a lot of them) and we felt that there was a lot of options to choose from. She is very passionate about her clients and the homes that they are buying, truly very remarkable person and highly recommended!!
NN + AS [Buying Side]

We found Mindy to be very helpful. She was willing to make the time to meet with us and offered many suggestions on contacts in the area. She was a pleasure to deal with regarding our purchase in Great Neck.
Antoinette & George Makris [Buying Side]

Mindy is a dedicated real estate agent. She is professional and knowledgeable. Mindy arranged the sale of my co-op at a fair price.

Best of luck.

Gary [Selling Side]

Mindy is by far the best agent I have ever worked with based on her quality of work, professionalism, and timely support. Selling or buying a house is so stressful, and Mindy made the experience delightful - easy conversations, knowledgeable support and quick responses. I always felt in the loop on the purchase of my property! Mindy has demonstrated her knowledge of the housing market in Long Island, real estate rules and general support. She always finds a way to be there and responds to any question immediately. I would recommend Mindy to anyone looking for a realtor with smart real estate skills and a general, friendly attitude.
SN [Selling Side]

While Mindy herself is down-to-earth, her results are heavenly. Elegant is the word that keeps popping into our heads and out of the mouths of our friends and family in reaction to her work. Mindy is talented, creative, resourceful, fiercely loyal, tenacious, accessible and pragmatic. She is in your corner from start to finish. Her work ethic, commitment and love for what she does allow us to offer an unqualified recommendation to anyone lucky enough to engage her to design their home. Simply put, working with Mindy is like having a relative in the business, she makes you feel like you are her only client and she couldn’t be any more invested in the project if it was her own home.

Mindy is serious about the art of design and has a keen gift for helping clients achieve their own vision. We had very specific tastes, likes and dislikes and sometimes awkward ideas.   Mindy tactfully listened to us and then created a fresh, unique and sophisticated version of our styles, taken to a new level.

Mindy has an incredible sense of color and a great feel for unexpected combinations.   Her solutions to problems are anything but obvious or boring.  She knows how to guide her clients to the best solutions for their needs and budget while educating them about design, color and style.  She gently nudged, coaxed and elevated our own aesthetic sense.  Mindy has given us the gift of a timeless, elegant, comfortable home that reflects both our personalities.
CPO and RPO, New York, NY

Mindy Miles Greenberg of Encore Décor Interior Design was an absolute joy to work with! I found her to be very creative, responsive and her attention to detail is remarkable. There was not one design challenge in my project that Mindy did not find a great solution for and she worked extremely well with my contractor. She designed a new kitchen and bathroom that are both incredibly functional and beautiful. She also chose furnishings for my living and dining room that are unique and so comfortable to live with.
Encore Décor has access to some fabulous vendors and resources that I would have never discovered on my own. As a result, I now have an incredible home with warmth and character that is also modern and edgy. I now love my place and would recommend Encore Décor Interior Design to anyone regardless of how large or small their project may be.

When I closed on my apartment and knew I was in over my head in the design department, so I went searching for an Interior Designer. I have to admit that I did not know the first thing about decorating and interior design when I began this project and was lucky enough to find Mindy Miles Greenberg owner of Encore Décor® Ltd. to help me with this endeavor.

Mindy possesses a vast knowledge of design and was able to work with me to define the right style and ambience to suit my lifestyle. After just one meeting, she was able to figure out me and my style - no easy task.

My initial visit was comprised of a walkthrough of the space and an initial design plan - that was then made more robust.  Mindy suggested, and I agreed, that the space would be well suited for unique items from around the city and the world.  She knew exactly where to go to accomplish the task.  Even though my new possessions are from many different vendors, the look is totally me.  She has an amazing eye for color and selected amazing light fixtures that I absolutely love.

Mindy is innovative, creative and comes prepared with her bag of tricks.  She is friendly and funny and has an easy going personality; it was not her goal to push me into purchasing items I did not need.  She saw my project through from start to finish and was willing to do whatever it took to get the job done correctly and exceed my expectations.  She possesses the knack of making things look easy, thinks fast on her feet and handles herself calmly in unexpected situations.  She very much cares about all her projects and works hard to ensure every detail was just as I envisioned it.

Shopping with Mindy was an experience; she has opened my eyes to a whole new world.  Mindy has been able to get me to think outside of the box and become more creative which is not an easy task.

Another thing I am grateful for is that she was willing to work within my busy schedule.  She is very generous with her time and extremely accessible; returning emails and voicemails promptly.  Her design assistants ensure that order and delivery details don't fall through the cracks. Her team always goes above and beyond the call of duty.  I could not have gotten it done without them.

This experience has been much more than I ever expected. I have a home that I can call my own and love to return to every night.    Also I have developed a design confidant in Mindy that will outlast this design engagement.

I trust Mindy’s judgment implicitly and value her opinion and expertise explicitly.  I would highly recommend her and her team for any project big or small; and look forward to working with her again on my next project, a Hampton’s weekend home.  Mindy will be my first and last call in the design department.
Aly Goldfarb

When I purchased a two bed-two bath in a brand new building, I was a bit overwhelmed with what to do; my work schedule is very demanding, I travel frequently during the week, and my last apartment was furnished mostly from retail chain stores.  I had previously enlisted the help of my parents for design assistance but I knew this time I deserved/needed professional help.  I had a dream for my new place to be "dressy" and modern and reflect my personality and city lifestyle.

Mindy truly made my dreams into reality.  My apartment is absolutely fabulous and everyone who comes to visit is thrilled by how stylish my home has become. From lighting, furniture, paint color/technique, art framing, fabrics, window treatments, accessories and sofa design, Mindy did it all. She worked with the existing pieces I kept from my previous apartment and then guided me to the best retail and custom options out there. Mindy respected my budget and ensured that I made the most of what I could afford.  And she found unusual materials for my windows and breakfast bar that have made my apartment unique and ready for a design magazine.

Best of all, by working with Mindy, I knew that everything would fit, relate to the overall concept, and be installed as ordered.  This was a tremendous relief to me as my apartment was complete very quickly and did not require me to take days-off from work to supervise.

Working with Mindy was an absolute pleasure.  She is very enthusiastic, incredibly knowledgeable, and friendly to everyone.  It’s safe to say that my parents happily have relinquished their role as decorators as they now come over and say “WOW” and pledge to use Mindy for their next project.
Shawn Hecht

I purchased my first apartment - a two bed/one bath in a pre-war building - in late 2007.  For months, it was unfurnished, unpainted and uninspired due primarily to my hectic work schedule. In addition to having little time to focus on it, I also lacked direction.  While I knew that I wanted my apartment to be reflective of my personality and style, I just didn't know where to begin.  Enter Mindy.

From the date that we began working together, Mindy listened to me and designed a plan that was responsive to my wishes yet also went beyond my initial vague vision.  Mindy patiently helped me select a color scheme that makes my home feel cohesive yet warm, built-in bookcases and radiator covers that complement the time period of my building and furniture that is elegant but also functional. In place of four empty rooms, I now have a beautiful and comfortable living room, an elegant dining room, a peaceful and relaxing bedroom and a warm and functional guest bedroom.  In short, I now have a home.

Throughout the process, Mindy was a true professional.  She was sensitive to my busy work schedule and the requirements of my building, ensuring deliveries arrived when they were scheduled and workers were on time and completed their work appropriately.  She also took the time to share her passion and knowledge of design and art with me, so that I truly felt that I was part of the design process. Overall, I could not be happier with how my apartment looks and feels - I smile every night when I come home and am still receiving compliments from friends and family on my beautiful home!


This is my heartfelt endorsement of the professionalism, creativity and customer service provided by Mindy Miles Greenberg of Encore Décor.  The best I can say is I will continue to use her skills in all future decorating endeavors.

Thanks Mindy, good job.
Lily Sim

I love my new home thanks to Mindy.

I wanted my new space to be attractive, warm, welcoming, comfortable, simple and reflective of my new life.  Equally important, it had to hold what mattered most to me: my family photos, my art - especially my husband's paintings, treasured books and my eclectic collection of things gathered through a lifetime, that I could not bear to discard.  I also had a budget and timeline.

Out of the clutter of my life lived on two continents, in five cities and eleven homes, plus the challenge of moving into the smallest space I had ever called home, Mindy gave life to my vision (culled from my inarticulate expression, her keen observations, and her tremendous knowledge of what she does). She did it well.  Sizing up the strengths and weaknesses of the space, suggesting this fixture or that sofa, using that old table but urging me to buy that new bed, finding the incredible craftsmen to build the cabinets that "made" the room & dragging me to places that I wouldn't have thought of myself.

She stretched me, taught me and always respected me, my ideas, values, budget & my timeline.

Professional, prompt, hardworking. No hour seemed too late or too early, cheerful and energetic, she was and is a pleasure to know and work with.

As it has been said, "The proof is in the pudding."

Thanks, Mindy.
Arline Brown

Look no further!

Mindy has designed three entirely different spaces for me over the past 10 years and in doing so has proven her versatility as an interior designer. We started with a dull Manhattan studio which she transformed into a beautiful pied-a-terre.  The tasteful combination of wall colors, window treatments and furniture created a cheerful and cozy atmosphere, and every inch of space was put to practical use in a "non-overwhelming" manner.

We then moved on to a country house. Mindy proved she could handle large spaces just as efficiently.  In the end, my wonderful home not only had the perfect country "feel," but reflected my personality.

We just recently concluded the third project, a large two-bedroom apartment with floor to ceiling windows.  Again, Mindy created the perfect design for a chic city apartment.

Have you ever dealt with a salesperson that promises to find you your perfect "whatever," then attempts to unload their own inventory?  I can guarantee that with Mindy, you'll never have an experience like this.  She is an intelligent, creative and extremely reliable listener/designer who will help you create YOUR perfect space, no matter what your budget. She's a real gem!
Sandra Peterson

We just love our apartment so much and we have you to thank for it!! Everything has turned out really well.  We love the bedroom furniture – it’s so beautiful.  The sofa, entertainment center, dining table - the whole apartment is really comfortable, extremely practical and looks great also.   Also, we just adore the desk!

All of our light fixtures also look great - and everything looks beautiful with the paint colors.

Thank you so much for all of your help in turning our apartment into a beautiful home.  We love living here and always say that we look forward to coming home every night - and that's really what it should be all about.

I hardly know where to begin in recommending Mindy - she turned my apartment into a home.   At first I had my opinions and tried to impart my taste into the mix and then it clicked...I finally got it! When I let Mindy do "her thing" the magic began.  I took a back seat and let Mindy do the driving.

My home is now my palace.  From a small bowl she merely picked up to accent my end table to the stunning curtains I would never have selected, or the custom wall unit I desperately needed for storage - every little thing is pulled together.  She added important pieces into the mix that brought my personality into my home, and kept in mind my budget and scheduling needs.  She listens and understands yet guides you into making the right choices. To say I love my home doesn’t even come close to describing how I really feel when I enter, to lounge or to entertain.  Sometimes I can’t even believe I live here and it is all due to Mindy.  All in all, I write this to anyone who is even half way on the fence about using a designer and specifically Mindy Miles Greenberg.

Let go and let Mindy make magic for you and the rest is domestic bliss.
Margaret Selby



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